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The purpose of this website is to track news, academic papers, interviews, and commentary related to the rise of passive indexing and its effects on the stock market.

It is our contention, backed up by scholarly academic papers from top research institutions, highly intelligent industry experts, and observation of readily available data, that index funds have greatly harmed the functioning of the U.S. stock market and will eventually cause extremely bad outcomes for both investors and the markets. In the meantime, stocks go up continually, boosted by inflows into passive vehicles.

That’s a bold claim you say?

Well, allow us to offer proof. We have lots of it here at Passive Parabellum, so please take some time and browse the site. We aim to compile this information as a public service. If you find any material you think we should include, please submit it here and we will gratefully share it with our readers.


This information is of vital importance

Even if you are skeptical (and why wouldn’t you be?) please take a minute and read further. If you are not familiar with these studies and data, you need to be, because your savings and retirement money depend on it.

Trust us, it will be time well spent!

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